1. I love this post! I hope other people follow suit and tell us about their pockets of goodness. Two things that immediately come to mind are:

    1) I love beads and one day someone left some in my mailbox at work. I never found out who did it.

    2) Last year I came to know about Free Art Friday (particularly Free Art Friday Wisconsin, but it is all over the world). Makers make whatever they make and leave it in public for someone to find and take home. The person who started the Free Art Friday Wisconsin Facebook page also made a page for Flood the Streets with Art! which was basically Free Art Friday on Black Friday with the idea of countering that consumerist monstrosity by leaving free art around on that day. Both regular Free Art Friday and Flood the Streets with Art are great fun. If you make anything (don’t get hung up on the word “art”) check it out. I love leaving little surprises and thinking that I am brightening someone’s day.


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