Max’s Monsters

Four-year-old Max Rice raises money for leukemia by painting monsters
When 4-year-old Max Rice of Canada heard that his 3-year-old friend Kyla MacNeil was diagnosed with leukemia, Max and his mom Julie wanted to do something about it.

They decided to use Max’s love of drawing and sell his illustrations as a way to raise funds for Kyla and her family. The Papercastle Art Collective was soon formed.

“When we heard about Kyla’s diagnosis, we started talking about cancer and what it’s like,” Rohr told the Edmonton Sun. “It’s very similar to a monster, it’s very scary.”

Max's Monsters

So Max started drawing his own monsters to fight the cancer monster that was hurting Kyla.

“We don’t always like to see SCARY art, do we?” Rohr, wrote on their site. “Some of these monsters look downright angry. But that’s how we FEEL when we hear about this monster, cancer, attacking our friends and neighbours and family members. So maybe it’s okay to see something ANGRY once in a while to remind us to stand behind these people in support as they fight their battles with cancer.”

The items sold for a suggested $10 for a monster magnet and $20 for a monster print.

(Source: Daily Saint – Photo via Ian Kucerak, Sun Media News Services)

The FIGHT A MONSTER campaign wrapped up as of Dec. 14, 2013.

In four weeks, they sold over 500 monsters, who found their new homes everywhere from their own city of Edmonton to all across Canada – from BC to New Brunswick and so many places in between. They had orders all across the USA, and emails pouring in from people telling them they saw them on their local news stations! The story spread far and wide. They mailed a monster to Great Britain, and mailed one to Hong Kong.


4 thoughts on “Max’s Monsters

  1. It’s how amazing how this young boy came up with a way, all his own, to help his little friend, and that, is what we need in this world, people who wanted to help out, because they’re touched by the lives of others’ sufferings.


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