Perhaps Our Society Idolises The Wrong Kind Of Stars?

"Just witnessed a genuine act of kindness I thought I'd share."
JaackMaate ‏’@JaackMaate’ Tweeted:
“Just witnessed a genuine act of kindness I thought I’d share.”


  1. What you have spoken here is totally the truth.I wish we as a people were better than this. I believe the biggest problem in this regard is the type/quality of people who have grabbed ahold of the nations mouthpieces.


  2. Ahhh you speak the truth. “Amazingly those people who don’t get the acknowledgments are the first to stay they don’t do what they do to be praised. The celebrities of this world too many times do nice things just so they will be acknowledged and get good press. I realize that is not true for all of them but for many celebrities it is the truth.


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