They’ve Found Mike and His Name is Neil

In a previous post titled ‘Finding Mike‘ we shared the story of a man, Jonny Benjamin, who was searching for the kind stranger that persuaded him not to jump off a bridge into the River Thames in 2008.

Guess what? He’s found him!

Jonny, left, with the man who he credits with saving his life, Neil (Picture: Rethink)
Jonny, left, with the man who he credits with saving his life, Neil (Picture: Rethink)

After millions of people lent their support, the Finding Mike campaign has finally found Mike – and it turns out he’s called Neil.

Jonny Benjamin hit the headlines earlier this month when he launched a campaign with the help of charity Rethink Mental Illness to find the stranger who intervened when he was poised to jump off Waterloo Bridge back in 2008.

And now 26-year-old Jonny, who has a form of schizophrenia, has found the man he dubbed ‘Mike’.

Neil Laybourn, 31, from Surrey, knew immediately that he was the man Jonny was looking for after his fiancée told him about the campaign because she recognised the story.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw the campaign,’ he said.

‘I got in touch straight away. I was so pleased to see how well Jonny was doing, I had thought about him over the years and had always hoped he was OK.’

The pair met in an emotional reunion on Tuesday and personal trainer Neil says they will definitely remain in contact.



  1. Hooray!! I was hoping Jonny’s kind ‘rescuer’ or ‘supporter for life’ would be found. This is a truly delightful story and I’m so happy they will stay in contact. What a difference each and every one of us makes.
    Thank you for sharing. Cheers, Gina


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