The Houston Food Bank

How Much Longer Can One Man Feed Millions?

A Brazoria County rice farmer has been quietly feeding the poor for decades—but he won’t be around forever.

John “Jacko” Garrett

John “Jacko” Garrett, now 70, is a rice farmer in Texas. Back in 1984, he began donating a portion of his harvest each year to the Houston Foodbank. To date, he’s donated nearly 6 million pounds of rice. Tens of millions of meals have been created from that rice for the hungry, according to the foodbank. 

John “Jacko” Garrett

In the late ’90s, Garrett then set up Share the Harvest, a nonprofit that helps local rice farmers to help feed the hungry.

The Houston Food Bank

“Their donations have been vital,” the Houston Foodbank told Houston Magazine. “They provide over 11 million servings of rice each year in 18 counties around Houston.”

Sources: Houston Magazine & Daily Saint


  1. God Bless him. We have a man here in the Orlando area who uses coupons to buy food for an elementary school for needy children and their families. He calls it “paying it forward.” God Bless them both.


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