A Christmas Story Via Social Media

A Random Act of Kindness is Repaid

Staci Munsey performed a random act of Kindness for a stranger and shared it on Facebook, although she was a little concerned that she had been misled…

facebook status update about random act of kindness

Well, the nice people at the American Career College were made aware of Staci’s act of Kindness and they responded.

They reached out to her on Facebook to say thank you, and asked for her address so they could send a thank you note and repay her kindness (but they planned to do much more than that). It turns out that Staci is unemployed, but still found it in her heart to buy gas for the stranded student.

ACC President Tom McNamara hand wrote a thank you card for Staci. Vice President for Student Success Susan Pailet and her team began to gather some ACC items to assemble a basket of goodies.

A Christmas Story Via Social Media

After a meeting in Ontario yesterday, Susan and Joe drove to Staci’s house to deliver the thank you in person. Unfortunately, she was not home, but they left it on her porch. This is what she wrote to them when she found it upon her return home:

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to all of you for the wonderful blessing I found on my porch today. My kids loved their toys and they were very excited to see a present on our porch when we arrived home. I never expected a random gesture of kindness from one stranger to another to be so fulfilling. This whole experience has taught my children a good lesson this Christmas about giving and being kind to others. Despite that we may not have everything, we are still so rich in our hearts. Thank you again and happy holidays to all of you.” -Staci

Staci also took to Instagram and shared this photo:

staci munson's post about gifts she recieved from american career college

How lovely to see Staci’s thoughtful act of Kindness being repaid!

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  1. Reblogged this on The TerZa Factor and commented:
    How many times have I thought I might be being misled? Still, I say, trust your own heart. It is your own thoughts and actions that matter. Kind results are just the icing on the cake.


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