Happy Birthday Colin

Thanks to His Mum, a Little Boy Now Has 1.1 Million Friends

The mother of a young Michigan boy who told her he had no friends to invite to his 11th birthday party created a Facebook page so family friends could wish him happy birthday – that now has more than 1.1 Million likes.

Happy Birthday Colin

Kalamazoo mother-of-two Jennifer mentioned her son Colin’s 11th birthday to him and was heartbroken when he told her he didn’t want to have a party because he had no friends to invite.

Jennifer wanted to show Colin that there were many people who cared for him on his birthday, so she created a Facebook page a little over a week ago, with the intention of showing it to Colin on his birthday, March 9.

Happy Birthday Colin

She hoped, she said, to get about 50 responses from friends and family, but what she got was an outpouring of love and support for her son from around the world.

Colin was diagnosed with sensory processing disorders last year, reports Wood TV, which are similar to autism and Asbergers syndrome.

Beloved: Colin’s mom Jennifer and sister Ella can’t wait to surprise him on his birthday, when Ella says he’ll probably ‘scream his pants off’

Happy Birthday Colin

Jennifer decided to show Colin he did have friends – but even she didn’t realize quite how many.

Colin’s story has inspired people from around the world to share their stories of schoolyard hardships and words of encouragement

‘I thought, if I could create a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, that would be better than any birthday party,’ Jennifer wrote on Facebook.

Happy Birthday Colin

Colin, a fifth-grader who is obsessed with Dr Who, aspires to be a comedian, loves his Nintendo Ds and is very close to his little sister Ella, has no idea about the page’s existence.

Jennifer is planning to keep the secret for almost another month until Colin’s birthday and will record his reaction to post on the Facebook page.


‘What do you think Colin’s going to do when he sees it?’ Jennifer asked her daughter Ella in a video the two posted on Facebook.

‘Ummmm,’ says Ella. ‘Scream his pants off?’

In addition to the Facebook page, Jennifer has also added a postal address where well-wishers can send Colin a birthday card, after requests from Facebook commentators.

Happy Birthday Colin

People from as far away as Scotland, Australia and Switzerland have written to wish Colin a happy birthday, and to share their own school stories with him.

Note From Team Kindness Blog – If you have a Facebook account, PLEASE like their Facebook page and help to make a little boy so very happy! Thank you!

Source: Daily Mail



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