School under bridge in India6

The School Under The Bridge

One Indian man became a hero after he began educating New Delhi’s poorest children — and even went as far as creating a free school for them under a metro bridge.

School under bridge in India

According to NBC News, Rajesh Kumar Sharma teaches at least 30 children every day. Most of the children come from neighboring poor villages.

School under bridge in India1

For two hours every weekday, Sharma leaves his day-job at a general store in Shakarpur — his brother fills in for him — so that he can teach the children, reported Yahoo News.

School under bridge in India

Sharma, a 40-year-old father of three from Aligarh, was forced to drop out of college in his third year due to financial difficulties. When he decided to start the free school, he didn’t want other children to face the same difficulties he had.

School under bridge in India

“Whenever I passed by this area, I would notice that children were spending all their time in the fields or playing around,” he told the Indian Express.

School under bridge in India

He eventually persuaded local laborers and farmers to allow their children to attend his school instead of working to add to the family income. He hopes to equip these children with the tools necessary to overcome their poverty.

School under bridge in India6

“They come here everyday. I manage to keep them ahead of the school curriculum,” Sharma told the Indian Express.

India Free School

He even allows children technically too young to attend the government school to sit in the classroom.

School under bridge in India3

Sharma starts at the basics and helps prepare the children for admission to government schools.

School under bridge in India4

When he started the school a year ago, he had 140 students. Now 70 of them are in government schools, reported Yahoo News.

India Free School

Sharma says his greatest achievement is changing the attitude of his students’ parents. Many of them now encourage their children to study.

School under bridge in India6

“They understand that if children in the villages in the interiors of the country can go to schools, why not in the national capital.”

Source: Huffington Post


  1. This is a wonderful story, wow, what service and what an achievement that so many of the children are now in ‘real’ school. Hats off to the man, who turned something so disappointing (not being able to continue his own studies) into a gift for so many; these children, their families, their communities and ultimately India aas a whole. Fantastic!


  2. Reblogged this on Brn4rThis and commented:
    This melts your heart, using your challenges to help the next generation, I hope these incredible teachers get recognized and supported for their work..


  3. This Positive vibe and Inspiration has brought tears in my eyes. There are many unsung ‘heroes’ in India who are doing a lot to Empower Education and give back to the Society. I Love My Country and Country men. 🙂


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