Homeless Man Wins Lottery and Plans To Use Some of the Money to Help Others

Unemployed, in debt and facing another year living on the streets in Hungary, László Andraschek spent his last remaining coins on a lottery ticket. Now the formerly homeless man plans to set up foundation for addicts and abused women

László Andraschek
László Andraschek

The news of Andraschek’s dramatic upturn in fortunes came as human rights activists organised a wave of protests worldwide against a new Hungarian law that bans sleeping rough, in a country that has 30,000 homeless people. Last week alone, demonstrations were held in front of Hungarian embassies and consulates in London, Paris, New York, Vienna, Lisbon, Dublin, Brussels, Essen and Istanbul. Next weekend a Hungarian NGO run by homeless people, A Város Mindenkié (The City is for All), will stage another protest in Budapest against the law, which threatens those living on the streets with a fine or imprisonment.

A law that bans people from sleeping rough? Fining or imprisoning the homeless? Err…WHAT?

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  1. I know, isn’t it crazy, your homeless so you get a fine for being homeless as if people are homeless by choice. There are cities and states that do the evil now here in the states like in Florida. It is sad and sickening.


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