Selfless Blessings

Resale Store Refuses to Give Homeless Man a Coat, Woman Opens Free Shop in Response

A little store in a Hollister, Missouri shopping center is offering the basic needs — clothing, hygiene items and baby supplies — at incredible prices. They’re all free.

Andrea Berdine
Andrea Berdine

The shop, called Selfless Blessings, was started by Andrea Berdine after she witnessed a thrift store turning away a man who asked if he could have one of their coats.

“He wasn’t asking for money,” she told KY3 news. “He was cold, and he was wet, and he needed a coat.”

Like many of us, Berdine was compelled to act. “I found him, gave him a coat… (and) told him how sorry we were, couldn’t believe that happened in our community,” she says.

Selfless Blessings

After posting her frustration on Facebook, a new group was born, wanting to do good for those in need.

Now she runs a shop of her own where people throughout the community come to drop off bags of used clothes and household items so Andrea and her volunteers can give them away.

Selfless Blessings

“We have supporters come in and drop a $10.00 donation and leave with nothing but a hug,” Andrea told the Good News Network. “We have others who come in and leave with bags full of food and toiletries and pay nothing, but a thankful hug.”

“A lot of people told me I was crazy, but crazy has turned into a perfect storm of giving,” she added. “There have been trials as far as funding, but it always seems to come out in the wash.

Selfless Blessings

The Facebook group is open to all at SelflessBlessings.

Source: Good News Network – Content Submission: Rebecca O’Connor



  1. Reblogged this on Pippakin Around the World and commented:

    A lot of bad things are said about America and there have been and probably will continue to be times when I’m at the front of the yelling crowd, then I see something like this and it stops me in my tracks. I’m trying to think where else in the world I would see such a store and do you know I can’t think of one. Charity shops as they are so uncharitably called are big business and not so cheap either. Its entirely possible that a lot of people can’t afford to shop in them because they’re not really for the poor and those who give so generously to them should know that. I admire this woman and this shop. Respect…..


  2. Reblogged this on Nancy Dinell-Bead Charmer Girl and commented:

    One person can make a difference. People like Andrea Berdine change the world for the better, one small act at a time. I am inspired by how she responded to the situation she observed. People in Hollister, Missouri are blessed by the work she is doing. You can follow her work on Facebook at Selfless Blessings.

    Be a Blessing,
    Nancy ~ Bead Charmer Girl


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