Ava Lins on the first day of her new job. Photo: Facebook

7-Eleven Clerk Who Lost Job Over Good Deed Gets a Better Offer

In a striking example of poetic justice, a Massachusetts teenager who says she was fired from 7-Eleven for giving a cup of coffee to a homeless man has landed a new job within days—at a homeless-services organization.

Ava Lins on the first day of her new job. Photo: Facebook
Ava Lins on the first day of her new job. Photo: Facebook

“My lesson learned is that good deeds pay off,” Ava Lins, 19, tells Yahoo Shine. “Do what you believe is the right thing, and stand up for what you believe in. Only good things will come of it.”

The story began last Thursday, when Lins, a clerk at 7-Eleven in Salem, says she began chatting with a customer about how he didn’t know where he was going to sleep on that freezing night. Lins, who immediately empathized given her own recent struggles with being homeless, gave him a small cup of coffee. “It directly influenced my decision,” she says. When storeowner Romany Youseff appeared and allegedly accosted the man, demanding to know if he had paid for it, Lins lied and told her boss that he had. She fessed up the next day and paid for the $1 coffee herself, but, she says, she was soon fired.

Executive Director of Citizens for Adequate Housing, Corey Jackson, told Yahoo Shine:

“Our mission is about restoring hope and dignity to homeless families, and what she was able to do with a simple cup of coffee was just that. It was very inspiring. We want more of that in the world.”

Jackson asked Lins for her resume, as his organization was about to list an opening for a part-time administrative assistant position. She responded right away, went in for an interview on Tuesday, and left with the job, which she started on Wednesday.

“We loved her,” Jackson says, adding that he hopes the job develops into a bigger position for Lins. “I feel like this all fell into place for a reason.”  

Source: Yahoo.com


  1. A true hero in my book… This country has become a land of I got mine, you well go F yourself. We need more souls like her in this country.


  2. Great Post. What goes around comes around.
    Cultivating a melting heart, the giving hand, the kindly speech, the life of service, equal vision,
    and impartial attitude. that life will, indeed, be blessed.


  3. 7-11 should be ashamed of themselves. I understand about honesty and store policy but that “boss” takes his job way too seriously! He needs to go to Oz and find a heart!


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