Simply Putting the Shopping Carts Back Where They Belong

Simplly Putting the Shopping Carts Back Where They Belong

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  1. Reblogged this on Little Impacts and commented:

    Little Impacts served as an amazing bridge for me. A bridge to come out stronger and more positive from a couple months of difficult life experiences. I don’t know where the next two months will place me or my family, but I do know that I am grateful we have each other. I thank everyone for taking the time to visit, read, be inspired, spread the word or perform a simple act of kindness. There will continue to be difficult times ahead, but I continue to evolve in adapting to them. I start a new job on Monday that I have worked very hard to make happen and I believe it will be one of my bridges. In honor of leaving the retail industry I wanted to re blog a great simple act that goes a long way from friends at The Kindness Blog. I’ll make sure to still post and share kind experiences that inspire me! Thank you all. You are so powerful.


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