1. Kristi Jo, thanks for sharing your story. Your encounter is moving and not isolated. I am fortunate to volunteer to help homeless families where I live. Like your experience, these folks are hard working and giving. Two quick comments. First, the agency I help with requires volunteers to sign a waiver not to proselytize. Yet, our Executive Director likes to point out our families only have their faith, so who is witnessing to whom? Second, one of our homeless teens was previously living in a tent with her family as she attended school and her parents worked. Yes, our families have jobs and are homeless. We found out the she was volunteering at Second Harvest, which is a food bank for the impoverished. To state it again, a homeless girl was volunteering at a food bank for people in need. To me these examples like yours paints a very human picture, one that says people in need can still have dignity. Thanks, BTG


    1. Many thanks for your kind words and for all of the work you do with families who are homeless in your community! I always like to say that people who are homeless are not “those people”, rather they are “our people”. They have the least, yet I find that they consistently give the most, in terms of their effort to address their barriers to housing and to help others. I am so fortunate to be a part of their journey indeed.


  2. I always love reading Kristi Jo, although I have been a slacker lately. She is on my favorites list. A wonderful woman, someone you would like to sit down and have coffee and a conversation with.

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