Kindness Blog’s ‘Don’t Cry’ Challenge

Firstly, no-one makes heart-touching adverts like Thai companies do. NO-ONE!

Secondly, we DARE you…no, we CHALLENGE you to watch these 8 videos in order and not cry even one solitary, single tear. To do it you’ll need a heart of stone!

How many videos can you get through before you blub?

Let us know in the comments how quickly you failed! 🙂

Merry Me

Silence of love

Forget me not


Thai Life Insurance (Mae Toi) – Most touching Ad ever

My Beautiful Woman

What Does Kindness Get You?

You Can Shine

Did you make it without a single, solitary tear? 🙂



  1. I didn’t make it past one, though I watched them all. My eyes need to be washed out occasionally so I can better see the important things in life and to remind me that we all need love, acceptance, and to listen to the whispers of our hearts.


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