Three Little Girls Suffering Cancer Come Together For Touching Photograph

A photograph showing three little girls battling different forms of cancer hugging each other has gone viral. The photograph showing 6-year-old Rheann, 3-year-old Rylie and 4-year-old Ainsley coming together and sharing a special moment together has been shared thousands of times on social media after local news channel Koco News reported about it.

The photograph was captured by Lora Scantling and included a bunch of other pictures as well. However, it was this one special picture of the three Cancer affected girls that seems to have captured the imagination of people around the world. Even more intriguing is the fact that the three seemingly close knit friends hadn’t even met each other before the shoot happened.

Three Little Girls Suffering Cancer Come Together For Touching Photograph

The much shared photograph has a caption that says “Sometimes strength comes in knowing that you are not alone.” This also seems to have struck a chord with people – especially those who have in the past battled with cancer or have relatives that have suffered from it. According to the photographer Lora Scantling, the idea behind the photo shoot was to highlight awareness about the struggle little children face when they become cancer patients. “I just wanted something that showed the strength and the bond and that they weren’t alone,” Lora said later to Koco News.

As for the girls, little Rylie is battling kidney cancer while the older Rheann has brain cancer. The third girl Ainsley has leukemia (blood cancer). The three girls are now friends and are happy with the attention their touching photograph has received from people all around the world. They have also come a long way and will continue to fight the disease now that they know they are not alone in the battle. They also had a lot of fun during the photo shoot, according to Lora.

All the three girls have individual Facebook pages where they share updates regarding the progress they are making with regards to their cancer. Rheann’s page also talks about a fund raiser for anyone willing to help with her medical expenses. Here are the links to Ainsley and Rylie’s Facebook pages.

Do you have a little one who is battling cancer? What do you think about the photograph of these three little cancer afflicted girls?

News Source: Koco News – Content Submission: Lucy Taylor


  1. Wow what a breathe taking photo. It really has made me realise my battles whilst may be big to me, pale in comparission to other. Tomorrow when i wake itll be with a positive attutide. These girls are inspiring


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