The Ex-Convicts

The Ex-Convicts Who Are Helping Other Ex-Cons Get Back On Their Feet

Exodus Transitional Community, is a nonprofit devoted to helping recently released convicts transition back into the day-to-day world.  The challenges these ex-cons face is absolutely enormous, and we were so moved to meet these great group of Helpers devoted to making the lives of these people just a bit easier.

The Ex-Convicts

Many of these Helpers are ex-cons themselves, and are very familiar with the challenges of returning to society. It is amazing to see people with their past devoting themselves to doing so much good.

Here are their stories:

The Ex-Convicts

“I was drug trafficking. Mostly cocaine. When my daughter was born, I was locked up. And that was that. Once I came home I decided I was gonna do things the right way.”

The Ex-Convicts

“It’s a host of different things that people here were incarcerated for. It could be murder, drugs, assaults… mostly drugs. Some of them do a hefty amount of time. I myself did 37 years of a 20 to life sentence. I was released almost four year ago. I left the streets in 1972. In 1972 there was no cellphones or computers. None of that stuff. If you wanted to call somebody, it was from your house or you’d go out to the drugstore and use a phone booth. I was 16.”

The Ex-Convicts

“I have three people that I’m trying to find jobs for. It makes me enthused to continue to search and make more contacts with employees.”

The Ex-Convicts

“I lost both of my parents when I was incarcerated. My mother in April 2007, and my dad on January 2008. I was blessed to have my sister when I got out.”

The Ex-Convicts

“I know I’ve changed.”

ex convicts

“Everything you see here was in a two bedroom apartment for ten years. Julio and I talked about this place 30 years ago, in the yard, in Sing Sing. Talking about how we were gonna go home and be different.”

The Ex-Convicts

“I put three Lamborghini’s in this arm. I sniffed up a f—king Bentley Rolls Royce. Twice. The fact that I’m standing here is a miracle. It’s a testament to whoever God is. I’m the first man in three generations to live past 50.”



  1. I’m an ex con, I spent 25 years in prison, and while I’ve been out for almost 3 years I’m still struggling with some things. I would like to share what I’m going through and, if it’s common, which I believe it is, hear how others dealt with it.

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