1. You can ALSO go the other way around–being kind to others and it will rub off on how you talk to yourself! 🙂

      I’ve started making a daily list. “Alison Kicked A$$ Today” with all the stuff I accomplished. Even small stuff like “Asked the roommate to take out the trash instead of being passive aggressive.” It helps. 🙂 Good luck!


  1. Try something crazy – try kindness.
    Great and simple words.
    It’s delightful to hear about your transformation, and that you’re helping others.
    Welcome to a much more real world.


  2. Great post. The only thing truly in your control is how you react to information. For example, if you do not take offense, you are not offended. If you wake up saying today is going to be a great day, you have a better chance of having one. Thanks for sharing your story and lessons. BTG


  3. I love this! A year ago, I started a similar challenge for myself and haven’t looked back since, at least to be more optimistic about my life and more kind to others. It’s been a beautiful experience. Keep up the great work!


  4. What a beautiful story! One thing I’d like to add: it takes more energy to be negative than to be positive. So, relax and enjoy the positive, and use the extra energy to do the positive things in your life.


  5. Kindness is a reality almost always overlooked by most in their lives! But when they practice it there a blossoming which surely will come and touch their lives…seeking a place to close nearby…kindness is so full of selfless, genuine, caring love…the type which does not look for anything in return…and they get a blessing in sharing from God’s loving touch…excellent post Alison…you have sowed many seeds of change here! God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


  6. wow, so your purse being stolen was a blessing in disguise. Super story. Too many people seem to thrive on bad mouthing others or complaining.


  7. Reblogged this on seeking querencia and commented:
    This post caught my attention because it caused me to pause and consider how often I make unkind comments and have unkind thoughts about other people. Perhaps, it is irrelevant to you guys and girls, and I applaud you for it. Now, if asked by people that I know, I am often described as kind because it is a quality that I strive to convey to those that I meet. Nevertheless, I can think of various instances where I unconsciously act contrary to the old adage “if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all.” This post encourages me to recognize those instances, and change my behavior.

    As always, blessings to you, Lydia


      1. Dear Alison,

        We had an hellacious storm and tornados touching down the might that a I tried to answer your question, so I am not sure whether my reply got through so her it is again: In a word, it has been challenging. I find that the not saying unkind things comes easier to me than, in some cases, not thinking unkind thoughts. I am working to be more mindful of that. Blessings, Lydia


  8. Reblogged this on A Daily Dose of Kindness and commented:
    Here is a pretty motivating post on how what we put out into the world will shape our lives. By choosing to speak kindly and to have a positive attitude and outlook on life, we can better our lives.


  9. Dear Alison

    Thank you for this.
    The phrase that leaps out is the simple one about changing the negative words that you speak to positive ones. This simple idea of reversing how you feel is echoed in all kinds of therapy and undoubtedly has great value. It’s a bit like bump starting a car when the battery is flat. It may not work every time but it will often get you started.


    1. Well yes, it’s one thing to WANT change but making a pledge to speak only kind words is ACTIONABLE! That’s the key!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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