Just a Man Doing his bit for the Neighborhood

‘DDubsBIV’ wrote: “This man walks around my neighborhood with his trash bin and wagon picking up cigarette butts and other garbage. When he comes by tomorrow, I’ll have a nice lunch made for him. It’s people like him who gain my respect. “

man picking up litter in his community


  1. He gains mine as well. We have a community pick up day here where I live, so at least it isn’t left to one person. Perhaps someone should help him tackle the mountain of trash.


  2. I was just thinking this morning when I was at the playground with my daughter and thinking how disgusting it was to see all the litter. I always try to do my part and clean it up, if not to keep the park looking nice, but to keep little ones from picking it up and putting it in their mouths. I listen to other parents complain about how disgusting all the garbage is and how someone should clean it up, but I never I see them do anything about it. If everyone chipped in around their neighbourhood, the world would be a better place.


  3. It takes work, perseverance, and caring to do what this man is doing. I agree with serenemama. People do complain, but not many will make the effort to rectify a situation that they complain about. So nice this man will be getting a nice lunch from an appreciative resident! 🙂


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