1. Great post. Here is a test for kindness vs. judgment. If one of your friends you have been trying to get to see a point of view finally accepts that point of view, but now owns it forgetting you were the instigation, do you remind them of that fact or be silent and let them own it? What if it was one of your children? Sometimes, it is better to have an “internal smile” and let them own it, but that requires checking your ego. I recognize this is a small example, but fewer “I told you so’s” would make it a nicer place. BTG

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    I was chosen to be a contributer to The Kindness Blog! Here is my post!


  3. Thank you for this great pistol. I am a mother who had a physically challenged child. I was a victim of people staring and pulling their children away from him. Plus memoir is now at the publishers and will be available in 2015. I hope my book will help educate the world and teach awareness do disabilities like you did in this post. Much hugs sent your way!!!

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