This guy is Jon Meis, a 22yr-old Student who Stopped a Gunman as he Reloaded.

The US student who disarmed a gunman at his university on Thursday has had most of the gifts on his wedding registry paid for by well-wishers.

Jon Meis has been hailed a hero by the US media for stopping the gunman, who had killed one person and wounded three at Seattle Pacific University.

Jon Meis
Mr Meis has been widely praised as a hero by the American media

Mr Meis used pepper spray to subdue the attacker as he was reloading.

Police said his actions, and those of others who came to his aid, prevented a more serious tragedy.

American media have reported that as people learned of Mr Meis’s bravery, and his wedding on 21 June, they wanted to thank him by buying gifts on the online wedding registry set up by him and his fiancee.

Links to the registry were circulated online, including a post on the social network Reddit reading: “This is the wedding registry for the man who subdued the SPU gunman. You know what to do.”

Every item listed that could be bought online has since been purchased.

Source: BBC


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