Beautiful Human Kindness – Ed’s Last Wish

Ed was an elderly man living in an adult family home and under hospice care, and he had not been outside for several years as a result of his illness and the difficulty in transporting him.

His last wish, which he shared with EvergreenHealth Hospice Chaplain Curt Huber, was to go outdoors. When he was healthy, Ed had been a forest ranger, and at that time he reportedly lived for the outdoors.

Beautiful Human Kindness - Ed's Last Wish

When Curt learned of Ed’s wish, he brought it to the attention of the hospice team members, one of whom suggested getting in touch with a local fire department that might agree to transport Ed for this final visit to the outdoors. Curt contacted the local fire department, which was was happy to help fulfill the request.

In March, Curt and a case manager accompanied Ed and several members of the fire department on an outing to Meadowdale Beach Park in Edmonds, Wash. Ed was picked up and transported in the EMS vehicle; other members of the fire department traveled in a fire truck.

Together, the group took Ed up and down the trails, bringing him the scents of the forest by touching the fragrant growth and bringing their hands close to Ed’s face.

What a lovely thing to do.

(Story via Daily Saint – Photo via Facebook)


  1. This story brought tears to my eyes. This poor soul, Ed, had a wish, and it was fulfilled. It brought to mind my Bob, who, I’m sure would have preferred to die on the golf course, and not the way he did die.


  2. God Bless you, Ed. May you live in God’s green Heaven’s together with the fresh earthy scents earthy forever and a day. Thank you to Hospice for making Ed’s dreams come true. Tears in my eyes.


  3. It’s so wonderful people understand the importance of the last wishes. I’m sure the man was not far from death and just wanted one last smell were he used to spend so much time. It brings tears to my eyes when people act with their heart. I took care of my grandfather along with hospice care. He acted very different when he woke up and I knew we only a couple days left. I made his favorite potato soup and feed him. My grandmother made me potato soup when I felt bad growing up. It kept is mind busy, don’t put to much salt, mash most of the potatoes up and cook the potatoes real soft. The next day he was in a come and died two days later. I was so glad we had a last meal together and one that made him so happy.


  4. It’s incredible to see people working together to fulfill one man’s wish, it inspires me to cooperate with my friends and bring the same sweetness to life. We don’t need to wait until our friends are dying to care about their wishes. We can pay attention to our friends and show them that we understand them and that we care about them by doing the little things that make a difference to them, every day.


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