Tattoo artist Scott Campbell

Would You Tattoo A Stranger’s Name On Your Body Just To Show You Care?

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell had an idea so crazy, it actually worked:

Pair at-risk kids with random mentors, who in turn received tattoos of their young charges’ names.

Ten kids from New York-based Good Shepherds Services and 10 volunteers met up one afternoon, and after everyone told their stories, the kids wrote their names on their mentors, which Campbell then tattooed on.

“I want them to know that somebody’s always got their back,” Campbell told one of the mentors.

They only came together for a few short hours, but the effects have been lasting. “You can never say that nobody is thinking about you,” says one of the kids who participated. And the adults? According to one woman: “Every day when I get dressed, I can look at whatever name is on me and say ‘I believe in somebody. I believe in an entire generation.’ ”

Source: Free Arts NYC via



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