Stats on the Homeless – An Infographic

Statistics on homelessness in the US and abroad. Don’t hide from the truth. When you see a need, PLEASE HELP.


homeless statistics

Please share! Thank you.


  1. Thanks for sharing these statistics. It helps shape a better image of those in need. The acute homeless are the ones that can get back to self-sufficiency with some targeted help, preferably accompanied by social worker direction, as you want to minimize recidivism (falling back into homelessness). With our homeless families we help, over 86% have jobs. The rest are employable. If we can help people make better decisions, get out of predatory car interest rates in excess of 22%, access healthcare (the Affordable Care Act helps here, but could help more if remaining states would expand Medicaid under the act), get away from domestic violence, etc. then we can get them into subsidized housing which will lead to self-sustainability.

    On the chronic homeless side, it is far more effective and cheaper to house them than let them walk the streets. Some can pay some of the rent with disability or veterans benefits, but even when they cannot, it is cheaper than letting them get temporarily jailed or go to the emergency room. They can also find meaningful services to help them get employed or doing various tasks.

    Truly, there but by the grace of God go I. Please help where you can as there are many good agencies out there in need of volunteers, money, food, service and goods. But, look to places where they help people climb a ladder and measure outcomes.


  2. There but for the grace of God, go I, again… Being on the brink makes one think of drastic options. I shudder to think that that reality is quickly approaching…— Benjamin Troll


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