Man Tries to start KKK Rally and Gets Kindness PHOTOBOMBED!!

‘jack1425’ wrote:

“Man tries to start KKK rally”

Man tries to start KKK rally



  1. I truly adore this. Hey, everyone let’s take a picture with a throwback to hatred and bigotry. I think their having fun with it, spotlights the inanity of people who still believe that way. The song from “South Pacific” comes to mind “You have to be carefully taught” to hate others and be bigoted. If this picture reaches a few people who are being taught that way, then it has done a great service.


  2. This is how you respect freedom of speech/press (First Amendment rights)! This is love for your fellow human being! No victims. No law suits. No “hate crime” charges for having an opinion (opinions by definition can be wrong and are still protected by the First Amendment as long as they are carried out peacefully). No taking of offense. Being big enough to take an unwelcome opinion and return it with love. Treating each other as complete equals regardless of differing convictions.


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