Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind to Yourself
Be Kind to Yourself


    1. Camila, thank you so much for your feedback, and I am glad that this resonated with you, as well! It sometimes is easier to be kind to others than it is to be kind to ourselves, but kindness has to begin to with yourself. May we all appreciate, love, and respect who we are!


  1. Reblogged this on EVERYDAY COMPLEXITIES and commented:
    Love this, as an autism mom, I think I have learned to be kind to myself and have quiet time,so important because we have to love one’s self to love others. Love your blog, so uplifting!!


  2. Thank you for a very inspiring blog. Your posts are such a ray of sunshine…..and believe me, I use it well!! Spreading kindness is such an easy thing, such a little thing, actually….but it can change the world (one small act at a time).

    Please accept this nomination for the ”Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. Go to: for rules.


    1. Thank you so much for both your kind words and the nomination! It makes this all worthwhile knowing that what we do matters to people, and I couldn’t agree with you more about acts of kindness changing the world!


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