Detective Holden, Officer Sammet, and Officer Thiry Demonstrate the Real Meaning of ‘Protect & Serve’

Evansville Police Department

Evansville Police Department shared the following:

On Friday afternoon, an EPD Detective was on his way into work when he noticed a man standing on the Lloyd Expressway bridge over Tekoppel. He was holding a sign that simply said please help.

The man was in an area with a lot of traffic and it was really an unsafe situation. The detective stopped to speak with the guy and asked for an on duty patrol unit to stop by. What happened next shows why we are so proud of our Officers.

Instead of simply telling the guy to get off of the Lloyd, Detective Ray Holden asked him about the sign. He wanted to know what kind of help this guy needed. He was surprised to hear that this guy desprately needed a new mattress for his bed ridden wife. She had been in a serious accident a couple of years ago and he had never been able to purchase a decent bed for her. He told Detective Holden that she was in constant pain and he hoped a new bed would help her.

When Officer Nick Sammet and Officer Kyle Thiry arrived, Holden shared the man’s story with them. They all decided to see if they could help the guy and his wife. After giving him a ride home and speaking with his wife, they made a phone call to a local furniture store.

The three officers then purchased a new mattress set out of their own pockets. They had them delivered to the couple’s house that day. A simple check on a guy with a sign turned into so much more.

We know our officers do things to make a difference in our community everyday. Most of those things go unnoticed. However, sometimes we see something that rises above the rest. This is one of those times. Thank you Detective Holden, Officer Sammet, and Officer Thiry. Your actions speak volumes about your character and your desire to make a positive difference.


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