This Man has Been Holding up a sign Promoting Religious Tolerance Everyday for More Than Three Years.

This is Krishnadas, a man who stands everyday for hours on end at Juhu Circle in Mumbai with a sign that says;

‘Apne dharm par chalo, sabse prem karo

(Follow your religion, love everybody)’.

Krishnadas - Religous tolerance

A quote from Krishnadas’s Facebook post:

“I decided to stand here with a message everyday, after I attended a world religion conference. Every speaker there spoke so beautifully, but I felt that such a small number of people were getting to hear what was being said. The idea came to me when I wasn’t allowed to stand in line to receive blessings at a church. I was also given looks when I went to pray at a mosque. I saw that some Hindu temples say ‘Hindus only’ and the Parsi fire temple at Churchgate doesn’t allow non-parsis.

That’s when I realized that we all just make big talk, but when it comes to humanity we all shut our doors to others, in the name of religion. I’ve been doing this for years to bring that humanity back. People have even complained about me doing this, but at the end of the day I’m still here and close to 3 lakh people have waved and smiled back at me since I started, including those who complained. That, in my eyes, is a victory of humanity over the devils that live inside each of us.”

The short film below documents various aspects of his day, the opinions of his admirers, detractors and people who work around the crowded junction of Juhu circle.

Please share Krishnadas’s beautiful message of religious tolerance! #Onelove



  1. Love the message. Almost every religion has a variation of the them of the “treat others like you want to be treated.” We tend to forget that overarching message and get bogged down in minutiae which is present in every religious text.


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