pink hearts

Mystery of the Pink Hearts

In a tiny town called Welland in Ontario, Canada a mystery had developed: throughout the town, pink hearts started appearing. No one knew why, and so they became the talk of the town.

Reporter covers own marriage proposal​

An enterprising journalist, Maryanne Firth, started investigating what was going on. As she dug deeper and deeper, she noticed that new signs were showing up next to the hearts, indicating that something would be happening in a local park.

pink_heartShe arrived thinking she was covering a story about someone that just wanted to spread love around the town. And although that was definitely true, she also found out something else: it was actually her boyfriend who had planted all the hearts around town. And he had done it for her: he wanted to marry her.


pink_heartShe said yes, of course, and their love was joined in by everyone else that came by to check it out.

An absolutely beautiful story, and so wonderful that it was shared with all the world.

Sources: Maryanne Firth, The Tribune & Charidy



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