Two Homeless men ‘Pranked,’ but Their Reaction Will Restore Your Faith in Mankind

A YouTube prankster, Coby Persin, offered two homeless men a chance to win $100 by arm wrestling each other.

Coby said he unexpectedly witnessed the “most inspiring thing” he’s ever captured on video when the winner of the challenge selflessly offered to share his winnings.

Some viewers have complained in the comments section that the video has a “scripted” feel. Others pointed out that Persin offered two $50 bills to the winner of the arm-wrestling match the first time even though he clearly had $100 bills in his wallet, making it very convenient to share one of them.

But Persin told TheBlaze there is “nothing scripted about the video.”

“These guys were the first ones we chose,” he said in an email. “When something special and unique happens, people always say ‘fake.’ It’s a new thing on YouTube to call every video fake.”

Persin also said he had extra money in his wallet because he planned on doing the arm-wrestling challenge several times. However, after the perfect ending to the very first one, he decided to give them all the money he had.

What do you think?

Content Submission: Jude Hider


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