The Best $300 This Mother Ever Spent

Reddit user and mother ‘the_disconnect97’ wrote:

“Best $300 I Ever Spent: Adopting An Aged, Blind Pony From A Local Rescue…Our Daughter Adores Him.”

The Best $300 This Mother Ever spent

After posting the photo, mum was asked, “Can you explain how differently the horse acts since he is blind? Is it quite difficult for him?”

She replied with, “He can detect motion, so if we walk out to him in his pasture, he can see us approaching, to a point, but things that don’t move, he’ll bump into if he is in unfamiliar surroundings. He can’t see inside the barn at all. He moves more slowly when he’s finding his way along , but horses are brilliant at remembering where things are, so on a familiar path he takes often–like to the pasture, and back to the barn, he’s actually pretty confident.

We say ‘up, Dottie!’ or ‘Down, Dottie!’ when there’s any kind of change in incline, and he slows immediately, and steps carefully, till he finds his footing. He’s very trusting; he’ll even walk through a stream or puddle as long as he knows someone’s there beside him to guide.

He was a pretty fancy show pony in his day, and spent his life doing lessons, shows, camps, for kids–Heaven knows how many kids have learned to ride on him! He was up for adoption as a pasture mate, as the previous owners were retiring him from the lesson program, due to his age and eyesight, but he was perfect for leading our daughter around on. She’s had him since she was 2 🙂

He adores children; very affectionate, but we have taught our daughters to be very careful working around him, to always talk to him and have a hand on him, so he knows where they are. All in all, he’s just a wonderful pony. We treasure him :)”

What a lovely thing to do, giving this pony the gift of love in his senior years.

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