1. Thank you so much for those warm words! It truly made it an even better day, and one of my birthday wishes is that James is blessed abundantly always. I extend that same blessing to you and yours!


  1. I hope you do not mind, but the chocolate box you are showing does not seem to have much real chocolate in it. 54% should be the minimum, 72% that is chocolate, and 86´is marvellous.
    If you have an opportunity to eat Belgian chocolate, do try it.


    1. Naturally here it was much more important to appreciate the bearer; That person is great and his act should take our heart and make us taste him as the sweetest.
      Often people overlook the effort people pt into something.
      As you say “What truly makes it one of the kindest acts done on my behalf, though, is the fact that James lives on a fixed income, and he has a very limited budget. While a Whitman Sampler does not break the bank for the vast majority of people, it is a huge splurge for James.” Our thoughts should go to such people who are willing to offer themselves up for others. In this materialistic world we should more be “humbled”, appreciating those who do not mind to spend some of their limited income on a gift for another. We also should show more thankfulness to such people who really try to do their best in expressing their appreciation for the other.


  2. Happy birthday, Kristi Jo!! Oftentimes, the dearest gifts are not the most expensive to you, but may be to the giver. It reminds me of a radio DJ who said her greatest tip she got when delivering pizzas was $2. Why? The kids were so excited when she brought the pizza as it was a monthly extravagance for this poor mother for her kids. When the DJ first declined the tip of $2, the woman said, you work hard and I want to tip you for your service. Thanks, BTG


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