1. First, I love the Kindness Blog.
    About Teach Your Children Well, I only wish this was 100% true. Parents are not the only teachers in their children’s lives. My children learned much from me, that is true, and not just my best qualities. But they were raised in a non-smoking, alcohol and drug free home. AA friends and activities that were fun, all my friends were sober and my kids played with my friend’s kids. Fun, without alcohol or drugs, from an early age, always around adults and parents who did not smoke, drink or drug. My kids all smoked very early in life and yes, numerous problems with drinking and drugging. Don’t give up being the best parent you can be, but unless you live on an island with out electricity, you are not the only teacher in your children’s life. Jeanne Marie


    1. Jeanne Marie, thank you so much for sharing your feedback! I agree with you that children have many teachers throughout their lives, and I regret if my post gave the impression that I thought otherwise or implied that I am their only teacher. My daughters definitely have many teachers who impact their lives, and given my own experiences personally and professionally as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, I know that even with the best and most positive of teachers, children will make their own decisions and mistakes. It is my hope that we all act as the most positive of role models who can provide a solid foundation for children to return to when they stray or stumble.

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      1. Yes, and I agree, thank you for taking time to write back. It has always been a pet peeve of mine, starting with that old TV public message, “If you don’t drink or drug, your kids won’t drink or drug.” Your article was great, just hit me in a hot spot. Home and a caring family is the best foundation, for sure. I wish every child at least had that to stand on, but so many don’t. Your kids are blessed. Thank you for the note, Jeanne Marie


        1. Jeanne Marie, you are more than welcome, and I greatly appreciate your comments and kind words. I remember the PSA that you referenced, and I can understand why my post hit you the way that it did. I, too, wish that every child had a solid foundation and a strong family and community to give them the support and guidance to succeed and to return to, when needed. Here’s to doing the best that we can as parents to our own children and to all children! All my best to you and yours, and thanks for reading the Kindness Blog!

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  2. Great post. People should check out the song “You have to be carefully taught” from the movie and musical “South Pacific.” You can teach to hate and be bigoted or you can teach to be kind and treat others like you want to be treated.

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    1. Thank you so much! I know that song actually, and it definitely has a wonderful message for children and adults, as well. May we all set a great example for children and each other when it comes to being kind, compassionate, and loving to all!


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