What This Bride did - Lisa Wilson

Watch What This Bride Did For Her Dying Father

Lisa Wilson is the best kind of daughter. She and her fiancé Robert Pantoja had planned to have a big wedding.

She was preparing to have the kind of wedding that every girl dreams about when tragedy struck. Her father David Wilson was in the hospital in the intensive care unit. David was suffering from a rare form of cancer at the time and wouldn’t have been able to attend the ceremony.

Without a second thought, Lisa and Robert dropped their plans and moved the wedding up a day to hold the ceremony in her father’s hospital room. The tear filled ceremony even included the traditional father-daughter dance with Lisa holding her father’s hand as “I Will Always Love You,” played.

The video of the ceremony and their father-daughter was shared by David on Facebook. It’s since gone viral. You can see it embedded below.

Warning. This video will make you cry.

Sadly on the evening of September 3rd, David passed away. At least he was able to be there for the start of his daughter’s new life with her husband.

(H/T: CBS)

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