Wrong Number Call at Night Leads to Life-Saving Act of Kindness

Wrong Number Call Leads to Life-Saving Act of Kindness

old-telephoneIn a discussion on Reddit recently, Redditors were asked, “What is the Strangest “Wrong Number” Call You’ve Gotten?”

‘JayBerryLe’ shared his story…

“A few years ago, my wife and I were awakened by a call in the middle of the night. I answered, and on the other end of the line came a loud eerie screeching. I was about to hang up, thinking it was a prank, when it became apparent that it was someone in severe pain.

The voice was crying and impossible to understand, so I spent a good amount of time trying to calm them down. The longer I listened and spoke gently to the caller, I picked up on her calling me George. I told her that I wasn’t George, but she should give me his number and I would call him for her. It took numerous times, but I thought I had finally understood the number and convinced her that when I hung up I would get her help one way or another.

I immediately called the number she gave me and an elderly man answered. I asked if he was George, and he said that he was. I told him about the call I’d received, and he said it was his neighbor who must need his help. He thanked me and hung up quickly to check on her. Shaken from the call, my wife and I stayed up most of the night hoping it all worked out.

After work the next day, I called the number that I’d written the night before to ask George how it turned out. George’s wife answered and told me that they were trying any way they could to find my number to thank me. It turned out that George’s neighbor was a very elderly lady who was very recently widowed. She had fallen on the stairs in her home and had broken her hip and her leg. She had spent most of the night trying to crawl to the phone. She was in the hospital for quite a while. George’s wife called our house pretty regularly for about a year to keep us up to date on her health.”

JayBerryLe’s patience, quick-thinking and kindness may well have saved that elderly lady’s life. Wonderful.

Source: JayBerryLe via Reddit



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