22 Year Old Proves…You Don’t Have To Wait And Be Old To Make A Difference

A story about Evan Mula, a 22-year-old from Boston who raised $10,000 with his friends to build a school house in Kenya through Change Heroes and how the trip to see school they funded changed his life.

“I wanted to prove a point that it doesn’t take some old established business man or business woman to make a difference in this world. But the interesting thing about Change Heroes was it allowed me to get together and make a difference with my friends. So it wasn’t just me making a difference. It was me and some of my closest friends making a difference and we were doing it on such a large scale.” – Evan Mula

To start your own fundraising campaign to build a school with your friends, visit: http://www.changeheroes.com/?evan

Content submission: The LOVELY Lucy Taylor!



  1. Nice to see the good stories about our young people. This young man and his friends should be very proud but in fact, better than proud, they are probably very humble young people. God bless them!


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