This Bride-to-be Walked for the First Time in 10 Years on her Wedding Day

Kimmy Ruppert wrote:

“My half brothers mom, was in an accident many years ago. She was hit by a drunk driver and dragged about 30 feet. She lost the sense of smell and taste, and she had to wear a brace on her leg. One that had metal rods going through her bone to try to correct it.

Her leg wasn’t getting any better so they had to amputate it. That was a really hard time for her, but she had all of us to help her and support her.”

She Walked for the First Time in 10 Years for Her Wedding. This Bride-to-be Walked for the First Time in 10 Years on her Wedding Day

“Eight or so years later her and my dad broke up and she found someone new and fell in love. This past Saturday, she got married to him. Her father passed away from cancer a few years back, but her two oldest sons, 19 and 16, WALKED her down the aisle.

She wore a prosthetic leg that she’s had for a long time, but it was so hard for her to use it because it hurt her. Anyway, she walked down the aisle and even danced! I’m so proud and happy for her.”

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  1. What a wonderful story! My brother-in-law lost his leg when he was 16. He skis, motorcycles, etc. You’d never know he has one leg. He went through hell getting a new leg that fits right, but it’s made all the difference in the world. Every time I think I’ve got it bad, I remember how lucky I really am.


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