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My Sister Knows

My Baby Sister Knows That I Have Cerebral Palsy


My sister is pretty smart. She’s one now.
She knows I am a bit different to other kids.

Sometimes, she stops eating the tv remote and watches me.
I can imagine her wondering what it is that makes me different.

She is sitting and standing now. She’s taken a few steps and she’s so chatty. 

She climbs over everything and she always turns off the television when I’m listening to it. She’s feeding herself and playing with toys.

She watches me and she wonders why I don’t do those things.
My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'
She knows I am different to her.
One day, Mum and Dad will tell her the words she will need to know…

But for now, she just knows me.

My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'

Right from the start, I’ve loved her. So much.
I loved her even when she kicked me while she was still in Mum.
She still hits me sometimes… for no reason.
But she loves me.

She’s too busy to go around giving people kisses and cuddles, unless she’s really tired… But, guess what. She kisses me. And, she lies on me and that’s like a cuddle.

She is really good at blowing raspberries on people, too and I am one of her favourite people to blow raspberries on. She crawls over to me, lifts up my shirt and my belly tickles with her little, noisy raspberries.

She has started to offer me my drink and sometimes, she tries to feed me.
She usually snatches toys away from me, but sometimes, she hands me something to play with.

In the morning, when she gets out of bed, she claps and cheers when she sees me.
My sister loves me.
My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'
I get lots of stares when I’m out and about… and my sister will get these stares, too.. The stares are funny, sometimes. Sometimes, we don’t notice them and sometimes, they are hurtful and frustrating!

Sometimes, people will do anything to avoid looking at me, and sometimes, people will almost crash in to a pole, because they are staring at me. 

I get many, many double-takes and lots of whispered comments. 

My sister will grow up feeling these, too. Some days, this will be awful for her, and she might even have occasions where she is embarrassed by me, and even, angry and resentful for having to put up with my stares.

But, I know that these moments will pass, and that underneath everything, she loves me with all her heart.
My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'
I know she’ll play tricks on me, and tease and torment me. She might even try to blame things on me! All sisters do that sometimes, right?
But, she might have to take the rubbish out or vacuum the floor… and I probably won’t have to do that!

My sister has a brother with severe cerebral palsy… who has no words, yet…

and I have a sister who already has incredible empathy and understanding. 
She doesn’t have the words, and she doesn’t know why I’m different.
She just knows I am different.
And, she knows to be proud of me.

She will see me doing my exercises and she will clap and cheer. 

She kisses me for no reason and she goes around the house saying ‘Hi, Dexter!” 
in her cute, high-pitched little voice. 

My sister may face a lot of difficulties and hardships, judgement and teasing because of me. She will also see the way people look at me, and how they treat me. 

She will hear their comments. She will see their pity.
And, she will see the people who actually see me – Dexter – a little boy.
My sister will probably always see people for exactly who they are, not what they look like or what they can do. 

For that, I am very proud of my sister, and I love her very, very much.
My Sister Knows by Carol from the 'Love Dexter Blog'

Love Dexter BlogSubmitted to Kindness Blog by Carol from the Love Dexter website and blog which is written by Dexter’s mother and his aunt. Since Dexter’s brain damage was detected at 30 days old, they have set out to raise awareness of cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment and life with a disability. After Dexter was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma (liver cancer), they started raising awareness of childhood cancers. “There’s always a silver lining.”


  1. I read this blog because i have had the privilege of working and knowing some incredible people who battle CP and find ways around the limitations that CP sets for them. Your blog is touching, emotional eye opening for many and brought back so many warm memories to me. Your blog is a beautiful blog. The public need to be made aware of all the brave folks who face challenges like CP, autism and TBI every day . Keep writing!


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