The Note Albert Camus Sent to his Teacher Shortly After Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Teachers are so very important for all of our futures.

Look how one teacher’s kindness and example made such a difference for a young man who went on to become a Nobel Laureate.

The Note Albert Camus Sent to his Teacher

A heartwarming example of kindness and its powerful effects!

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  1. I have read many of Camus’ books, The First Man especially. I held it recently after giving it away so many years ago because the associative relationship had ended and had no hope of coming back. She said after I gave it to her to read that it “Was far more about you than me.”

    I would say this too to Edgar C. Knowlton and I have under no auspices of course and Doris Ladd, who may not have known about my amazement with her lectures and reading list. There was the American Literature professor on loan from the East Coast – Lescarbeau, who mesmerized me. Even after one day and by introduction to the class only, O’Brien at CAL for American Poetry gave me pause.

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  2. As a substitute teacher, I sometimes partake in teaching-staff conversations. The other day, a teacher was feeling a bit down. She is an excellent and caring instructor who is in need of hearing this most poignant and endearing note. So thank you for sharing – I’m going to pass this note along to her.
    AnnMarie 🙂

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. Many teachers, mostly grade school, one in college, influenced me. My college professor, Neville Choono at SUNY Oneonta, saw potential in the shy freshman I was back in 1975-76. I’ve not had opportunity to visit the campus again; perhaps this year I shall. His stories remain with me, and his inspiration encouraged me.

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  4. If we all took the time to use time, we would be all the gratitude this man has sent to his teacher for giving birth to his purpose. If we all stopped waiting to hug the bonds that have been born in us, our days would be Loving. If we all used inspiration to inspire more inspiration, we would kill the uninspired. If we just stopped looking around before building something positive that could go round, we would all be standing hand and hand in WORLD PEACE!!!! Thanks for this source of inspiration….

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    One of the absolutes in life as far as I am concerned and certainly a corner stone of my non-religious belief system is Kindness. There are many examples of acts of kindness on this blog and this post in particular is very close to my own heart. The teacher who taught me to read Mrs Miller is still in my mind and heart 57 years later. I am sure that she is now no longer with us but I hope that she knew how much she gave to all of us in that little dark classroom in a tin sided building left over from the second world war.


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