An Eye-Watering Act of Kindness

On Sept. 28, in a troubled Hong Kong, a riot police officer used his water bottle to rinse the eyes of a protester doused with pepper spray.

kindness in hong kong

Outside of the Central Government buildings police had shot pepper spray at the protesters. One of the protesters caught a good dose of the spray in his eyes and cried out in pain: “I stood so far away from you. It’s too much. We are unarmed. How can you attack us like that?”

A riot police officer wearing a gas mask lightly patted the young man’s shoulder and said, “I know. I know.” He then took out his own water bottle and started to rinse the man’s eyes.

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  1. I was reading a face book post about how amazingly well mannered the HK protesters are – cleaning up the garbage after protests, putting “sorry for the inconvenience” signs on their barricades, still obeying the “don’t step on the grass” notices. I lived 8 years in HK when it was still British and four in China. I pray this confrontation ends peacefully and effectively.

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