Ode To Kath

Widower’s Poem to His Late Wife, “Ode To Kath,” Is Simply Beautiful

Radio listeners were likely brought to tears when they tuned in to BBC’s 5 Live Breakfast program Monday to hear 93-year-old Bob Lowe share a touching poem he penned for his late wife Kath, who died three years ago from Alzheimer’s disease.

Ode To Kath

The couple were married over 60 years, and in his heartbreaking poem, he reminisces on their times together then — and his loneliness now. The poem, called “Ode To Kath,” is below:

“Ode to Kath”

I am alone, now I know it’s true

There was a time when we were two

Those were the days when we would chat

Doing little jobs of this and that

We’d go to the shops and select our meals

But now I’m one I know how it feels

To try and cook or have meals on wheels

The rooms are empty there’s not a sound

Sometimes I’m lost and wander round

To look for jobs that I can do

To bring back the days when we were two

When darkness falls and curtains drawn

That’s when I feel most forlorn

But I must be honest and tell the truth

I’m not quite alone and here’s the proof

Because beside me in her chair

She quietly waits our time to share

Kath said to me some time ago

Darling when the time comes for us to go

Let’s mix our ashes and be together

So we can snuggle up for ever and ever.


Ode To KathLowe is a supporter of British charity Silver Line, which offers a free, confidential helpline to seniors who are feeling lonely and just need someone to talk to.

The reading comes in light of recent research which says growing numbers of aging men in England face loneliness and isolation after their partners die.

Lowe says he still talks to his late wife, Kath. “At nighttimes I say, ‘goodnight.’ In the mornings I say, ‘good morning,’ and it’s a great comfort,” Lowe said on the radio show. “But I’m afraid that’s when loneliness kicks in and it hurts.”

Our hearts go out to Bob.

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