Ma’am. I Think This Belongs to You.

Ma’am. I Think This Belongs to You.

by F.Revival

kindness to a homeless mother and her children

Here’s my story:

Tonight my daughter and I were eating at our downtown McDonald’s. Because of its close proximity to the Rescue Mission and the Greyhound bus station it has become a hang out for the homeless. As we were leaving I noticed a mother with her two children entering McDonald’s from the direction of the bus station. She was dragging a heavy piece of luggage and the kids were wearing fully loaded backpacks. I instantly thought about buying dinner for them but I was running late to my daughter’s dance class and already half way out of the parking lot.

After dropping my daughter off to her class I could not stop thinking about that mother and her kids. I drove around until I found them huddled together in the dark outside of the bus station. I started to get nervous. I wanted to help her out in some way but I did not want to offend her or make her uncomfortable. After all, at this point I was sort of stalking them.

I made a u-turn and pulled up to the bus station. I got out of my car with a $20 bill in my hand and I said the first thing that came to my mind.

  • Me: Ma’am. I think this belongs to you.
  • Mother: Excuse me?
  • Me: Weren’t you just eating at McDonald’s?
  • Mother: Yes.
  • Me: You left this on your table.
  • Mother: Are you sure?
  • Me: Yes. Travel safe OK.

The End.

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  1. Your act of kindness brought you a happy heart, not the 20.00 but the creativity and respect you showed this family. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Oh, and I am so stealing it.;-)

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  2. Nice touch. Saving face is important for all. If you have not seen “American Winter” about eight families in Portland, I would encourage you to do so. New homeless or people in poverty are embarrassed to ask for help and do not know how. I would add the fastest growing homeless population in the US is single mother families. Thanks, BTG

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