1. Truly a nice story to read.

    I used to live in Mesa 3.5 years go, now I am in Apache Junction. I hope Kreed develops that kind of closeness at the new Five Guy’s that you will both go to. I can’t help but think he may automatically expect the same treatment there as he did in Mesa, then be heart-broken and disappointed if it turns out not to be the case. I wish you both luck in that regard.


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  2. Oh, sorry. I forgot to say that I hope you shared this story with those people at Five Guys in Mesa so they know how great they are. I’m sure you told them in person, but to read it online is a treat in itself.


  3. As a teacher who teaches differently abled children like Kreed I am so impressed with your well written outstanding post. Every business, every office (public and private) and every school school principal should have to have a copy of your post that every employee should have to read. I hope that you sent a copy of this to 5 Guys head quarters.


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