1. The sad part is that we have done it to ourselves. I think it is easier for us to live from the outside, because living from the inside takes conscious effort, awlf-awareness and self-honesty. I was not taught that learning and loving my own soul was the way for life to have meaning, compassionate energy and joy. I had to learn these things on my own.

      I am honored that you liked my article. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. As a 56 year-old, imperfect man, let me offer a few thoughts, if permitted. Let me start with the physical and work my way toward more important matters. If you are 5’9″ and 136 lbs., then you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of regardless of age. And, not that I am keeping score, but you look great. Let me go out on a limb and guess he had some imperfections as well – we all do.

    As for the more important matters, it sounds like he will be missing out on someone who connected with him and would have offered him great conversation, humor, cuddling, support and, yes even sexual gratification. Yet, he missed the bigger picture and wonders why you took offense. Well, let me leave being politically correct for a moment, and say he can go screw himself. Now, I feel better. Go find someone who is as mature and fun as his age. They do exist. BTG

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  2. I felt so many of your emotions and I read through your story. Shock, disappointment, hurt…and I cheered you on when you ended the relationship after his cruel comments….What a great testament to honoring one’s self, loved this piece! And btw, you look fabulous and your hair is cool 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Rescuing Little L and commented:
    Rarely do I re-blog but today I felt compelled to share this story. I share it as a 57 year old woman who wants to challenge the belief system of women, beauty, aging. Hats off to Robin for her naked and vulnerable story. Enjoy this article as I have and vow to continue to love ourselves fearlessly and to teach our daughters and future generations of women to do the same.

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  4. Fantastic! You nailed it, there’s a story behind every sunspot and wrinkle, a well loved life and a movement or expression. It is not the parts of us to be loved it is all of us. Let not a perverse male mind corrupted by unbalanced sexuality sway your search or cover and hide any part of yourself because you are beautifully made and the right one will love all of you

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  5. Thank you for this one. I wonder how many of us would be brave enough to do what you did and embrace ourselves, imperfections and all. I read this and nearly wept, certainly gnashed my teeth, absolutely wanted to slap the stupid right out of Dave. Thank you, truly for this.

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  6. Thank you Robin for sharing your story without any fear . The respect for you is enormous and i salute you for your actions . . The courage to stand up to Dave and assert yourself is what any self respecting human would do . You have set an example for others to follow . You are blessed .

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  7. What a cruel man. I think what all that was about was him not accepting his own age and you reminding him of it with your beautiful wrinkles that, as you say, all tell a story. Don’t let your experience with this one shallow man put you off all others. They say that a ten-year age gap works best, with the man being the older one, although there’s the disadvantage there that they might not be as virile as a younger model!

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