Bus Driver Offers His Seat to Mother & Baby to Make a Point

From time to time, someone has to rise first and set an example of good manners for others…

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  1. Did I miss something? I thought the bus driver was supposed to have offered his seat (delaying the bus from taking off to make a point) but I did not see that. Maybe I missed it?

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    1. Yes, that’s a good point Mark. It has been explained to me that the driver (apparently) was suggesting that he would of given his seat if he could, but that basically if someone else did not do the right thing and offer a seat, the bus would be going nowhere!


  2. Off-topic: Just wanted to let you know, of the 52 blogs I follow in my WordPress Reader — I visit and read yours the most. I wish I could find as many things as you to write about, I’m just not wired that way I guess. I enjoy your blog very much, it’s a great “feel-good” place to come and lurk. 🙂


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