1. The shift of seasons is the eternity of nature.
    The sun of our soul warms the surrounding coldness and spreads light to the gloominess of the grey days. The sun naps for rising newly, the stars fade in order to beaming afresh.
    The beads of rain clean the mirror of the sky and spill the shudder of the clouds. It’s worth passing through the rain for the sake of rainbow.

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  2. Kristi, my guess is your smile and willingness to help elicits that warm welcome. If you walked in with a sour expression, given your bank of smiles over time, people would likely be empathetic. Yet, if someone who is a frowner walks in without a smile, they would get a less warm reception. This is my long way of saying you help create the environment of joy and that is a credit to you that we each could learn from. If we want it to be a good day, we have the power to make it happen. BTG

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    1. That is one of the nicest compliments that you give me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I believe that the guys deserve our best, and so, I do my best to always smile, make eye contact, listen, and speak to them. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and to do our best to meet their various needs, understanding that they come to us with a variety of challenges and trauma. They are special indeed, and I am so fortunate to be a small part of their journey.


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