1. A delightful reminder that ‘manners maketh man’ – Gestures of any kindness particularly opening doors for other people literally or metaphorically is a win-win situation that makes us all feel good – and for those that do not have the graciousness to acknowledge politely – well what goes round comes round and so does a revolving door…. thanks Monica.

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  2. When reading your post I was reminded of something a family member once told me when I was upset at a life change that took away some of my independence. He said sometimes when letting others do for us they are being blessed by being allowed to perform the smallest acts of kindness.

    If we could for one moment foget the busyness of life and go back to the gold standard of treating others as you would like to be treated well, the world would be a much better place.

    Great post!!

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  3. Kindness matters! Yes mam, no sir, please, thank you, saying hello, smiling, helping one another instead of looking the other way are all things that should just come naturally. In todays selfish world it often gets over looked, but is a welcoming breath of fresh air when kindness happens…because it does matter. Really enjoyed this post! 🙂

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  4. Yes to kindness !!!! ONLY way to be really happy !!! A smile, a kind little moment can turn around someone’s and my own day. What a relief to understand this !! Giving acts of kindness and receiving acts of kindness are just as impt as they allow someone else to enjoy giving.

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  5. I ask people behind me in grocery lines, when they have obviously fewer items than I have, if they would like to go ahead. It does make us human. I so agree.

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  6. Isn’t it funny how we have defining moments like these?
    Mine was when I was visiting a bank with a small child in a pram and struggling to open the door . An older gentleman opened the door for me and I thanked him for his kindness. He looked at me and smiled before saying “You know, you are the first woman who has thanked me for this. Many see it as an insult to their equality but I was raised to have good manners and help those in need.”
    Made me rethink so many things.

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  7. Excellent post ! it is true, everything does not revolve around us. When a man holds a door for us, you never know why or how much he needs to do an act of kindness for you. It is not an insult when a man holds a door for us, anymore that when we hold a door for a man carrying groceries in one hand and an infant in the other. How would we feel if he yelled at us for holding the door saying “I am a man! Don’t you think I am strong enough to hold the door for myself?”
    I have seen instances of women yelling at men for holding doors. I have had men tell me that they are afraid to hold doors for women anymore because they do not want to be embarrassed by her reaction.
    There is no reason to embarrass someone or refuse to accept a simple act of kindness.
    Again, excellent post


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