1. I loved this thought, and now I’m trying to come up with alternative words to use! I hate the barriers between me and certain people in my life, and this is a good way to avoid that.

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  2. This is a great post. I admire Mother Teresa for many reasons, but after she died, she wrote in her journal of how tempted she was and how she did not feel very saintly. She overcame all of this with good deeds and prayer. This is one of the finest people ever to walk our planet and she felt this way at times.

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  3. To me, the word hero doesn’t have a meaning anymore. The basketball player who shoots in the winning basket is a hero. How about the soldier who died saving his fellow soldier ? I think the bar has been set too low. It’s the same thing with Awesome.

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    1. renxkyoko said it perfect. The Brits chuckle in a kind sort of, eye rolling king of way when they hear all the American lingo. Yes, I am an Ex Pat Yank living 30 years in Scotland.


  4. I believe the words hero, saint and angel have been devalued in recent times. You wrote what these words actually mean but when I watch the television and see sportsman and athletes hailed as heroes it really grates on me. When I saw an interview with a Victoria Cross recipient the other evening I knew I was seeing a true hero. A man who did what he could under heavy enemy fire to save his fellow man but now lives his life in relative anonymity. I agree that those words have lost their true intent in today’s media.

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  5. The answer is not to give up the word “hero” but to insist on its classic, mythical meaning as described by Joseph Campbell. Going on the Hero’s Journey is a core part of being an aware human. There are over a thousand stories of real human heroes–not media-pumped ballplayers or singers–at http://www.giraffe.org. Real people who have stuck their necks out for the common good, exemplars of lives well-lived. Don’t let media take the concept away from you.

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