1. Its wonderful that things are looking up for your family. It wonderful to find the help you need in a storm and see your child have the opportunity to enjoy life. Its no wonder you’re grateful. So many people need this encouragement, I am going to reblog.

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    Families struggling with the problems of mentally ill children are so in need of encouragement and community, it is wonderful to be able to share this post. Please pass it on to those who struggle.

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    We have no efficient or reliable way to find effective, tolerable psychiatric medications for people. It’s a trial: trial and error, as we call it. It’s always nice to hear how it can work out at long last. People give up, understandably. I tell them about the success stories, but it’s hard to ignore hard experience and keep risking disappointment. Such stories as yours help, more than anything any proffesional can offer.


  4. Personally, good therapists and mental health professionals are the most under-paid, under- acknowledged group of people out there who give day in and day out and rarely get the validation and praise that they SOOOOO deserve! Thank you for your honest and loving acknowlegement of an individual( and other indiviuals like her!)! 🙂


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