Chris Picco

Father Sings Blackbird to Lennon, His 3-day-old Newborn Baby Son, Just Before He Died

When Chris Picco lost his wife, Ashley, during the premature birth of their son earlier this month, he turned to the only person he had left to remember her through –

Chris & Ashley Picco
Chris & Ashley Picco

—the couple’s newborn baby, Lennon.

Chris Picco
Baby Lennon

According to the memorial page set up by Picco, his wife Ashley died from complications on Nov. 8 during Lennon’s birth, who was officially due to be born next February.

Chris Picco

Chris Picco

However in a double tragedy, young Lennon was only around for three days. His family shared his short life, born November 8, 2014, he passed away, bathed in prayer, surrounded by family and friends November 11th of that week.

Chris wrote on a memorial page for his wife: ‘Ashley would often feel Lennon moving to music so I brought my guitar today and gave him a little concert’.

Picco sang an emotional rendition of the Beatles standard “Blackbird” to Lennon while he lay in an incubator in a California hospital.

One day after filming this video, Lennon went to sleep in his daddy’s arms.

Since the deaths of both, the family set up a memorial fund to pay for the medical expenses of the ordeal with a target of $50,000. In a short space of time the page total was at $110,055!

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