1. This was a great post. And an coincidence (or not) that I read it. I just got home after shopping and while I was shopping I was thinking about how painful it is for me that my ex boyfriend doesn’t tell me if he accept my apology about what happended when we split. He choosed not to speak at all. To block me on every way he can. So I will never know if he forgives me or not. And I will never hear him say I’m sorry too. I’ve tried apologizing for 5 months. I’ve beaten my sou up so hard for my part in the break up. I can’t do more. It’s a hole in my soul. I finished shopping. Came home and put the dinner on and find this post. THank you so much for sharing. I will contine my journey to forgive myself. It’s much harder, than to forgive others.

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  2. I love this post. I am in a process like that in understanding how during the years of their childhood when I was deeply depressed, I was not there for my children – even though at the time I thought I was. I have felt like a victim due to their strong boundaries as adults, pushing me away, and only recently came to understand this hard truth.

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